Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Only in Jehovah's Organization.

Only in Jehovah's Organization

Surprise- LDS pictured in the photo above helping rebuild homes. 

"Only in Jehovah's Organization" is something you often hear people say within the congregations. They are typically referring to the love of the brotherhood being shown and how they are the only one true religion and God is with them. It is also something I recently heard in regards to the Philippines typhoon disaster relief. 
But what do we find? Are they really special?

Let's compare them to the LDS during that typhoon. They both knew the typhoon was coming. JW's may even go further than the LDS by saying they were preparing and evacuating before the storm ever hit. At this point both religions should have known to get to higher ground and be in a structurally sound building, it is questionable that the JWs kingdom hall was at higher ground and/or structurally sound enough.

    JW's decided to hold meetings that night, and some took shelter in them during the storm.
           33 died and 10+ presumed missing or dead.
           Crazy stuff: A family stuff their refrigerator with doctrinal literature removing the food. Literature or spiritual food is often represented as more important than actual food. A guess here is that they were scared out of their wits and thought maybe praying and doing this would have God save their lives, which of course they now probably believe as they lived through it. The other parts of the video imply that God was watching over them.

    LDS had some sheltered in their temples, but it is not clear if that was during the storm or after it.
        39 members lost their lives in the storm.
        Crazy stuff: bishop says that he prayed for their safety during the storm and from that he learned God really exists and he answers our prayers.

NO, it's not only in Jehovah's Organization. It's just like any other man made organization like the LDS. There is just as much love, ugliness, and crazy to be found. They like others give God credit for intervention and miracles but fail to stick God's fingers in the crap too. Sticking to a God that has a non-intervention policy seems wiser to me. Then one day you may even see no reason for any superstition at all.

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