Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:
Group-community support(mostly as long as you are in line with group think)
The usual basic good values directions (don't steal, kill, harm others, etc...)
A comfortable feeling you get from this notion you have all the answers(?)

The Bad: 
An anti stance on
-extra curricular activities and association. cuts you off from people. an us versus them mentality.
-science,further learning, and education
-free thought, dissenting opinions, criticism, and interpretations. our way or the highway.
A lets wait for god to fix things approach.

The Ugly:
Blood transfusions
There must be two witness, non reporting to the police
Basically things that can cause death or irrevocably change someones life and their family.

Views on things from years past to present have changed, so there is hope the shunning and blood transfusions stance will change. Without the force of possible legal repercussions it probably wouldn't/wont happen as soon as it should have. There are a few who hold a more a personal conscious matter and interpretation way of things, one can hope they get more influence.

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