Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sex, Satan, and Saimin

So it's been another year and another assembly.

The Assembly notes:
We learn god is still interested in our sexual lives and how,whom, and where we do it.
Gods porno flicks are only to be of a particular straight missionary sex variety.
So bad on you homosexuals because the bible says so.
They still haven't figured out who you are hurting yet but you are not to do it and they are to be proud to have this stance.

The Twilight movies were eluded to, and it wasn't because of bad acting,plot, and writing. They didn't talk about any particular bad lessons being taught but rather because it had blood sucking demon-ism in it. Prior years it was Harry Potter, etc.... I guess when one has a hard time telling fact from fiction it's not a surprise.

Can't recall actually hearing anything about that, maybe I was just craving it. A third S just seemed needed.

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