Sunday, July 21, 2013

JW divorce

I do until death do us part, OR
-you cheat on me , which is the only valid way out in the eyes of the JW's
-maybe you'll die, and maybe you'll get there quicker if I feed you a bunch of crap and encourage dangerous behaviors, I'll invite over some good looking people serve drinks and try to get you alone with them
-I'll just get the divorce and then cry and say how sorry I was for disobeying , who knows maybe they'll reinstate me within the first year or two but if I'm  in love with someone else I might as well sleep with them and do something worth getting disfellowshipped for...  Hmmm while I'm on sabbatical there were a few other no no's I wanted to do.

Or if you aren't sneaky and decide to play it straight you could end up separated or in a fake marriage with abstinence your nightly forte the rest of your life.

Try explaining this to non JW's , watch the eyes role.