Monday, May 14, 2007

If you are a JW and reading this blog

If you are following the direction of the society , read no further, while I'm not vehemently against the religion I would now be considered "worldly" or "bad association"(edit: apostate -was removed) because I'm actually going to voice my opinion out loud. So read no further if you are trying to follow the societies advice and stop looking around the internet. This surely is not going to build up your faith. So do as advised and please go bury your head in the sand.

I decided that for myself if my faith/belief system couldn't stand an assault from anything then it wasn't a worthy belief system.


JPW said...

Good for you! I look forward to reading your forthcoming material.

matt said...

You are not an apostate because you are not a JW who is openly resisting our faith. Our faith/belief system is under attack from opposing relatives and associates as well as people we meet going door to door so your logic is weak in this instance.

atheistjw said...

While I wont be out holding up a picket sign in front of the assembly or kingdom hall and I am of an attitude of to each their "some might" consider me such.

I figured it best to error on the side of worst case and put surgeon generals type of warning thing on me.

But I can also see the viewpoint that may reflect badly or incorrectly, so I've changed the wording to "worldly" or "bad association". Which if I get a chance I'll make a separate topic.

I did do a talk awhile back and the material actually lent itself for "some" to actually considere me as apostate. While the list is not all inclusive of the ones I wrote down I was batting about 2ish of 3 to 4 ish. (Material was pulled out of Reasoning Book, and Watchtower Library, call it prejudiced if you will but I thought from all the articles I was toting the party line, maybe a bit harder old school line)

Of those reason listed the following were the ones I thought might apply to me.

-Some may consider me to speak twisted things (I don't) so I don't count it.

-Reject his visible orginization, I kinda consider this a yes, I don't think anyone is talking/being directed by God, including Jehovah's Witnesses.

-Critcize, (but I don't try to hinder), I'm now open to expressing my criticism online , Not in the KingdomHall or to Other witnesses , but here on the internet.

-And while I'm not openly resisting it might be considered an abandonment or withdrawal.

Here is the talk I wrote.

Identifying Apostates

Apostasy- a definite withdrawal or abandonment of the true cause, worship, and service of God, and hence an abandonment of what one has previously professed and a total desertion of principles or faith.
It constitutes a rebellion against God and a rejection of his Word of truth.ó2Th 2:3,†4
Paul foretold apostasy would rise and a great apostasy did led to the development of Christendom.
Some today profess to serve God but reject his teachings others claim to believe the bible but reject Jehovah's Orginization.
How can we identify apostates today?

The Bible Tells us
-Speak twisted things, Others to follow them.
(Acts 20:30)-3 "†and from among YOU yourselves men will rise and speak twisted things to draw away the disciples after themselves."
Apostates may use smooth words, flattery, and twisted reasoning to try to defeat you.
Some Web sites are clearly vehicles for apostate propaganda althought they mayclaim otherwise.

-Profess belief but treat lightly the preaching and teaching work
(Luke 6:46)- 46†ìWhy, then, do YOU call me ëLord! Lord!í but do not do the things I say?

-Reject his visible orginization
Numbers 16 - Kora and his chieftians , Moses and Aron.
Claim to serve God but they don't, they reject his orginization.

-Criticize and Hinder former associates. Tearing down and not building up.
(2 Tim 2:16-18)- "16†But shun empty speeches that violate what is holy; for they will advance to more and more ungodliness, 17†and their word will spread like gangrene. Hy∑me∑nae¥us and Phi∑le¥tus are of that number. 18†These very [men] have deviated from the truth, saying that the resurrection has already occurred; and they are subverting the faith of some."
"the soul of the hungry one to go empty, and he causes even the thirsty one to go without drink itself.î (Isaiah 32:6c)
Proverbs 11:9 notes: ìBy his mouth the one who is an apostate brings his fellowman to ruin, but by knowledge are the righteous rescued.î
Yes, enemies of truth try to deprive truth-hungry people of spiritual food, and they try to keep thirsty ones from drinking the refreshing waters of the Kingdom message

Now that we know how to identify apostates, (they speaking twisted things, Profess belief but treat lightly the preaching and teaching, Reject his orginization, Criticize and tear down).
We should reject such ones as 2 John 10,11 says, ìIf anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, never receive him into your homes or say a greeting to him. For he that says a greeting to him is a sharer in his wicked works.î (2†John†10, 11)
Further we should strengthing our faith, Guard against ingratitude, cling to the truth, and go on walking according to gods commandments and with love towards one another.