Monday, May 28, 2007

Science or Religion

We had a talk on Sunday. A talk = sermon for you non JWs.
It was so full of crappy logic, I'll lightly go over the topics spoken about.

The gist was do Not put your hope in science put it in God.
a) Scientist can be/are bad have lied before.
b) Science has brought about bad things
c) evolution is propoganda
d) bible was in agreement with science and supported 1)round earth , 2)water cycle, and 3)cleanliness 4) order of creation was explained in simple terms.
e) true science,(what the heck is that?) and archological evidence supports the bible
f) man wont bring about living forever and god will

Except for B and D he really didn't go into detail and just slung it. What an ass.

Well in correlating responses
a) All "people" can be bad
b) people do bad things.
c) I'd like to get into this in more detail later but for now since he just took a swipe at it with no backing I'll take a simliar swipe, Religion is propoganda.
d) I've seen proposals that actually support flat earth from the bible, the water cycle thing was not in detail so it takes a bit of a jump , I'm glad they burried their crap, and No there are countering/contradictory views on the bibles creation order. And lastly , some things are bound to be right some of the time, how about the times it's wrong?
e)Not all the time, I would have to go bring some items up , which he failed to do. So I'll just say sometimes and sometimes not.
f) We can actually see man trying we can't see god trying.

But back to point B) becuase he brought out that "science" has brought about landmines as an example and that yet science has not come up with a safe way to remove them and currently people just use a stick to poke and leverage up for how its being done and so often get killed trying to get rid of them. Utter bullocks, yes some do that but also there are also now robots that can be used to disarm mines and no one need die. A more importantly it was "man" that made them with the knowledge that science gave him. Don't blame the knoweldge blame man.

I really don't know yet that I think it's good to try to make 2 sides to a fence with science on one side and religion or spirituality on the other. It is good to know when ones actions are based upon "feelings" and reasoning or logic and reasoning or a mixture of both.

I do think though that science and logic can be used as a good measuring stick on how the physical world works and how we can react and live within it.


matt said...

While science has set man free of some great ignorances, a major downfall of modern science is the things that science has given man cause more problems than they solve. I can cite a glaring example in global warming. Another thing is the incredible amount of products which cannot be disposed of yet are continually produced today.

chocotjea said...
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Jack said...

What people tend to forget is that science isn't some black box that shoots out technology and answers. Science is merely a way to evaluate evidence. Somebody has an idea, then they test that idea and after the whole process is done you ask some questions. Is the test actually testing what I set out to; is there other way the results can be interpreted aswell as dozens of other error checking mechanisms. Blaming the scientific method for bombs is like blaming the written word for hate speech.