Tuesday, June 5, 2007

To the people at the doors

To the girl that answered with her top off , I say thank you.

To the couple that I interrupted having sex before realizing it, I hope you still got it on.

To the guy who answered , "no one is here", lol.

To the people who told me their neighbors needed me more, may your neighbor find out.

To those who wonder if we peek in your windows, Pull the shades, I really tried not to but its hard self control not to see especially if there is some kind of motion behind it.

To the guys playing hide and seek and dove behind the couch but still made enough noise and gave themselves away, tag your it.

To the old people who were lonely and just wanted to chat, thanks for the tales and I whish you more family and companions/friends.

To the mean ones that would intentionally untie and sick a viscous dog on us without warning, grow up or may you also be ravaged by your own dog one day.

To the people watching football and sports, thanks for the timely score board updates.

To the people who were sleeping and most everyone else who has a gripe , thanks for your patience and my apologies.

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